Coorg From Bangalore Travel Guide For A Relaxed Trip

The hassles of everyday life can be quite monotonous, isn’t it? It is very natural for a person to get tired because of the constant routine which makes everything seem so redundant. It is for this reason that most of the people prefer to take a break from the routine and try out something that is totally opposite to their regular lifestyle. Surely, you have a Sunday to brush off the tiresome routine of the other days of the week but at times, even Sundays tend to get boring. Especially if you are in Bangalore, you would have realized by now that the city never sleeps!

This is to say that the constant chaos and crowd of the city might be overwhelming in the beginning but at times, gets on the nerves of the person. In such a situation, a getaway or small trip becomes extremely essential so as to refresh the mind and body. Well, if you are planning a getaway this Christmas or New Year from Bangalore, then Coorg should be at the top of your bucket list. The following article shall enlighten you about the Coorg from Bangalore travel guide which shall help you to plan the trip.

Bask in the Beauty of Nature:

Nature has a lot to offer to the human beings form its vast reserves. Even if you spend the rest of your life in exploring the beauty of nature, you would still be on the surface and Coorg is a perfect example of the statement. This town which lies in the lap of Western Ghats has some of the most soothing and calming experiences to offer. The place is serene as the fresh and cool air from the trees shall constantly brush against your face.

The place is highly awarded by most of the travelers to be a perfect place for the people who are looking for a quiet and luxurious getaway. The place has a plethora of beautiful sites to offer the people who visit the town. From the beautiful and poetical sceneries of nature to the captivating aroma of freshly brewed coffee, everything about the place is lush and breathtaking. The place has been tagged as the Scotland of India and we cannot find a single reason to prove it wrong.

An easy and convenient Getaway:

A Trip to Coorg is extremely convenient especially if you are in Bangalore for a visit or reside in the city. The town is connected to the city by means of organized transport. You can choose to travel by own vehicle or can take a bus to Coorg or a train too. There is good connectivity of public from Bangalore to Coorg and this contributes to the popularity of the place among the locals.

However, an important point to be kept in mind is that the time taken to reach the town differs with different means of transport. While traveling by car can stretch for as long as five to six hours, a journey by train can be really quick! You can plan your trip between September to march as it is the prime time for the visitors and tourists. Moreover, you must not worry about your stay in the town for there are several luxury resorts and hotels which offer you ultimate convenience and comfort.

The place has a wide variety of adventure sport too. You can enjoy a trek on the high mountains or go for river rafting or a ride on the quad bike too. Thus, with the help of this Coorg from Bangalore travel guide, you shall be able to make the best of your trip to Coorg.

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