Best Coorg Tourism/Tour Packages in 2019

Coorg is a place which is located in the state of Karnataka, India. The place advocates beautiful scenes of mother nature combined with historical monuments. The city is situated upon the eastern slopes of the Western Ghats. The temperature of the city remains low throughout the year. It is because of the magnificent view of nature combined with the historical and religious monuments which make the city one of the favorite tourist destination of the country.

Being an adored tourist spot, tourism centers provide several packages to the customers which can be availed to visit the destination. This article will describe you about the attributes to look for in a Coorg tourism/tour packages.

Features To Look For In A Coorg Tour Package:

1. Duration of the tour

One of the most important things to consider in a tourism package is the duration of the tour. The number of days and night should justify the staying in the place. The package should be designed in such a way that the days which are involved covers all the ‘places to visit’ destinations in it. These packages should not make the people tired. The time of staying should neither be too short nor too long. It should justify the place and provide the customer with a sense of satisfaction.

2. Cost saving

Tour packages are a combination of many services in one. A tourism package involves the traveling cost, the cost of staying and the cost of local sightseeing within itself. These packages are beneficial because if a person sums up the individual costs of every tool which is required in traveling then it will be higher than the cost of the package. Tourism packages offer discounted prices and hence proves to be beneficial for the traveler.

3. Sigh seeing locations

Another essential feature which the package should involve is the places of local sightseeing. As in the Coorg, the tourism packages should involve the abbey waterfalls, the Irupr falls, the brahmagiri gills, the Madikeri Fort and a church. There are also many famous temples which should be involved in the Coorg tourism/tour packages.

4. Type of packages

There are different packages designed for the different occasion of the visit. Tourism firms provide honeymoon packages for the newlywed couples. There are tour packages which are designed for families and have the tour designed in a proper generous manner. Hence, a person should look for the type of package before choosing one.

5. Socializing

Tour packages are designed in a manner to take three to four family together on a trip. This is one of the reasons why people should opt for tour packages. The tour packages often combine different families from different cultures and part of the country to come together and visit a particular place. They all have different stories to share hence making the tour more interesting. Tour packages are bought by people to get in contact with new people and socialize with them.


If a travel agency has provided better services to their customer then they will get good words from them. A satisfied customer is the best form of advertisement. A person plans a tour in order to feel adventurous and relaxed. So if you are planning to visit a place then you should choose a travel package which has good reviews from the customer. Traveling is an activity where you visit a place which is totally unknown to you. So it is preferable to choose a package which has been tried by people who have visited the place.

Tour packages are one of the best options to choose when you are going for a journey. These packages include everything from traveling to staying, eating and local sightseeing. The features which a Coorg tourism/tour packages should possess are explained below.

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