Find Cheap And Best Accommodation In Coorg

Coorg, better known as Scotland of India is the most popular tourist spot, down South. It is surrounded by dense forests offering a picturesque view. It is indeed a perfect holiday destination that offers peace, serenity and a view to die for. Due to its popularity among the tourists, there are quite a lot of luxurious as well as budgeted hotels and Resorts in Coorg that it becomes difficult to make the right choice.

Even if you are looking for Coorg hotels, cheap & best, the most important thing is to choose a decent and well-maintained hotel. There are a lot of things to consider before you book cheap accommodation, because if the place of accommodation is not comfortable then you will never enjoy your trip. There are a lot of things that can change the price of the hotel, but there are also a lot of ways through which you can spend less on accommodation and also get a decent place to stay in.

Tips to Get Cheap Accommodation:

1. Investigate

The first and the most important thing to do is to do proper research on the place that you are visiting and the best time of the year to visit the place. This is important because if you are traveling off-season then you will get great hotel deals. Once you have decided on the time that you will be traveling, and then it is time to make a comparison. Check out the best websites to get an idea about the pricing. There are also some accommodation sites that provide a comparison of the prices being offered, this way you can find the cheapest rates across a number of hotels in Coorg.

2. Flexibility

When you are looking for a hotel you need to be flexible with the dates to avail great discounts. Look at all the days of the week or month, to see the changes in rates; this might not be suitable if you have already booked the flight. It is usually better to book the hotels and flight together so that they can be organized together. Once you have an idea about the pricing, and then it is time to start talking to these hotels directly, this way you will get an accurate price. When you will feel comfortable with the price, and then lock the hotel.


Book ahead with free cancellation- Another way of getting a hotel at a cheap price is by making a reservation with free cancellation in advance. Most of the sites offer free cancellation; this is a great way of holding a hotel at a good rate. Avoid holding too many hotels as hotel owners don’t enjoy it.

3. Sign-up

In case you do not have time to keep a check on the price drop, then sign-up for alerts. There are a lot of websites that provide alerts on mail and email you when the price starts to drop.

4. Use coupons

Well, this might not be the first thing that you would like to do, but there are various sites that offer coupons to travelers. These coupons offer discounts on hotels as well as on flights at various destinations.

5. Be smart

There are a lot of apps and websites that are there to book accommodations, so be smart enough to go through them for which you need time. Do not make a hasty decision, some research and some follow up will help you save a lot on your hotel bookings.

These are certain tips that can help you book Coorg hotels: cheap & best and can make your trip a memorable one at the same. Good accommodation is a key to a good and memorable vacation.

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