Here Are Some Of The Best Places To Visit In Coorg

Whether you are on a lookout for the best honeymoon destination, adventure sporting or a place to just seek tranquillity, Coorg is one of the most beautiful places in Karnataka, South India where you can not only rejuvenate your soul but can also get the perfect break from your hectic life and regularly frustrating schedule. The best places to visit in Coorg are situated within the huge and hospitable jade mountains where you can see incredible valleys, stunning landscapes and widely spread plantations of coffee as well as misty green forests.

The favorable location, weather, and surroundings are some of the things that actually matter to most of us while traveling, thus, this place always tops the priority list of travelers and nature lovers.

List of Best Places to Visit in Coorg:

So, in case you have planned your trip to Coorg, but are yet not clear about where to begin the trip, then here we are bringing brief details of all those perfect places that will seek your attention within this amazing place. Here is our take on the Best Places to visit in Coorg!

1. Raja’s Seat


This pretty garden which gives you a pleasant atmosphere, as well as unimaginable scenic beauty, was once known as a great hangout destination of all the kings and queens, who used to spend their quality time around. Now, you can find some amazing artificial fountains, arrays of flowers, and a concrete arc which overlooks the beautiful huge hills. So, if you are willing to start with sightseeing, this is the best place to begin your adventure.

2. Dubare Elephant Camp

If you are an animal lover, especially elephants, then you are definitely going to fall in love with this place. Most of us eventually believe that even humans can’t understand us as greatly as animals do! So, to make the most of your trip, keep this place on the top as the creatures here are going to shower you with absolute love and some water for sure. You can have a shower with them, have fun and games, feed them and finally take a ride. There is no other way you can make much better friends while you are seeking the best Places to visit in Coorg.

3. Nagarhole National Park

Another place where you can find beautiful animal spree is this national park. It is largely spread in an area of 572 km, it is surely a treat to your eyes, as well as your camera. The specialty of this park is that there you can easily spot all the major animals that define the variety, unity, beauty and natural creation of god gifted to south India. In a roundabout, you can have fun around the 270 species of birds that take up the whole limelight. Their melodious sound is always present in the air, welcoming you with a whole heart.

4. Omkareshwar Temple

India is known for its religious diversity and love, so how can you even forget to visit a temple while you are searching for Places to visit in Coorg? Well, this is one of the most renowned places for pilgrims, which was built in the year 1820. It is known for the unique structure and infrastructure, as you get to witness an amazing collaboration of both gothic and Islamic style designs here. Lord Shiva’s effigy is praised all in here. So, if you wish to get blessed by positivity while experiencing amazing tranquillity around the serene water ponds, then this is the right place to be it.

So, if you have totally planned off your trip but forgot to put up any of these places in your travel list, then you must definitely include all these Places to visit in Coorg.

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