10 Amazing Homestays In Coorg, Karnataka

Homestays are cost effective. They are cheaper than most hotels and resorts. So, you can get a luxurious place to stay in at an affordable price. A ‘light’ breakfast will also be included in the package. It is comfortable to live in and the hosts do their best to make you feel welcome while respecting your privacy. The best part is that it gives you the feeling of home. Often, people like to travel solo.

It feels good to come to a place that feels like a home rather than an impersonal hotel room and be around people. Homestays are ideal for learning about the culture and lifestyle of a place. It is a great way to interact directly with the locals and experiencing their way of life. Given time and effort, one could also learn their language.

Best Coorg Homestays:

Best Coorg Homestays

Which is a better option in Coorg – hotel or homestay?

You can find a homestay in almost any location in the city. Different locations and homestays cater to different demands. Some are placed close to the Nagarhole National Park and Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary. Some provide breath-taking views of the forest-covered mountains, streams or the infamous coffee and spice plantations. Others are closer to hubs for adventure sports.

Resorts and Hotels are usually a great option but in the case of Coorg, where its people are as much of a source of attraction as its natural beauty, homestays are a better option.

How to save money by staying in Homestays?

Staying in homestays is, as mentioned before, cheaper. This isn’t just because of it’s the more affordable rate. Hosts often offer a range of activities which cost you lesser than going for them separately. This can also help in saving.  Homestays go a long way in saving money. The money you might have spent on a hotel can now be used for other activities. You can go on trekking or safaris, try different cuisines, buy the souvenirs that were exceeding your budget earlier. The little luxuries you might have been avoiding in the first place because of the expense will end up becoming easier to manage and afford.

What about the pricing details for Homestays?

Prices are based on per room per night basis, not per person. They also include a light breakfast. This is the minimum that is promised. Some hosts might provide additional services like laundry, more meals, guided tours, treks, safaris, toiletries, towels, etc. These provisions will also come with additional costs and will depend solely on the host.

All additional requests and add-ons should be discussed directly with the host and so should the payments. There might be some miscommunication or misunderstandings otherwise. All details and boundaries should be discussed with the hosts in detail before the bookings are made so as to ensure that there is no unpleasantness associated with the holiday.

Hosts providing Accommodation Services should ensure that all extra charges are made available in the profile and have been clarified with the guest before the booking is finalized.

Each host requires a different amount for a reservation which depends on their preferences. The total price is paid to the host either on arrival or in advance, as per the host’s convenience. It could be split to be partially paid beforehand for a reservation and the rest upon arrival.

The arrangements should preferably be made through an official medium like a licensed tourism company or website like Homestay.Com. If so, then the host cannot renegotiate prices once it has been agreed upon since they will be subject to the Terms and Conditions they have signed up for.

A formal liaison is always safer though it might have some service charges. For example, Homestay.Com charges for 15% of the booking price and adds it to the main receipt. You are only charged for the bookings if the host accepts.

Sometimes, prices on booking pages tend to differ from those of the search results. The prices usually depend on the travel dates, number of people and other requests. The exact breakdown is given when you click on ‘Book Now’.

Pricing is usually based on a given basis :

  • Nightly Price – 1-night stay
  • Weekly Price – 7-night stay
  • Monthly Price – 30-night stay

The price is per room and not per person usually. The total is calculated such that the average nightly price is used. For example – someone takes the weekly price packages for 10 days then the weekly price will be divided by the number of days it spans, i.e. 7, and multiplied by 10.

Some famous Homestays in Coorg

  • Woodland Bungalow

Located close to Nagarhole, Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary and Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, this is a beautiful and luxurious Homestay. The hosts have guided trips and safaris planned for their guests along with trekking trips, wildlife safaris, bird watching, plantation tours and picnics in nature spots.

  • The Jade

It is close to Brahmagiri hills, Nagarhole National Park, Iruppu Falls, and Brahmagiri Trekking Point. The hosts also offer activities like rafting, safaris, trekking, bird watching, and plantation visits. The homestay and Resorts has a beautiful backdrop and is very well liked.

  • Bird of Paradise Homestay

Bird of Paradise has a huge bungalow, an adjacent tree house, and many recreational facilities. It has large outdoor sitting spaces with an aesthetic environment. It provides modern amenities, game courts, a massage center, a steam room, and a swimming pool. The recreational activities include trekking, safari rides, boating, and an evening bonfire.

  • Pepper Trial Homestay

Set right in the midst of coffee and tea plantations, its surrounded by the aroma of a fresh brew. It is located near Nagarhole National Park and surrounded by evergreen forests. The hosts offer a range of activities like jungle safaris, village walks, and plantation tours.

  • 27trees Homestay

It is located at the foothills of Brahmagiri in the midst of the woods. It is close to Kuruvadweep, Pookode Lake, and Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. The hosts offer activities like plantation tours, bird watching. and rafting.

  • Chilipili Estate Stay

This homestay offers great views from the rooms of the place. It is located near to Chilipili Temple. The hosts are extremely generous and go out of their way to make the visit a memorable one and provide a great cuisine.

  • Casa Coorg Homestay

The homestay is located in a coffee estate. It has great food and is not far from a golf course. It is also close to the Coord Institute of Adventure Sports. This getaway has been made for thrill-seekers who want a comfortable place to come back to after their day.

  • Coorg Coffee Camp

It has a beautiful garden, spacious rooms, clean bathrooms, and good food. It is situated near Irrupu Falls. It is close to Nagarhole and the hosts provide tours to the city and its attractions.

  • The Hornet Nest

It is located in Kushalnagar, close to the Dubare Elephant Camp. The place is furnished with spacious rooms, a large front garden, and great local food. It boasts an aesthetic view and cleanliness. The hosts are prompt and attentive to the needs of their guests.

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