Best 5-Star Hotel Benefits in Coorg : Services Offered

Are you planning to go on a vacation to Coorg sometime soon with your loved ones? Also, you might want to stay in a lavish hotel since sometimes pampering your family and yourself is important as well. Staying at a 5-star hotel can be a great experience. Here are a few benefits that you can enjoy from Coorg 5 star hotels, but these perks are not available in each and every hotel in Coorg, you will need to do your research well to find the perfect hotel that you are looking out for.

Best features Available in 5 Star Hotels:

  • Great security: when you choose to live in a lavish hotel you can be guaranteed very good security. They often make sure that there are cameras and special card access to all the rooms and even while you make use of the elevator to go to your respective room. Not always will you see security guards taking a stroll but yes they are always somewhere near you to ensure your safety.
  • Perfect lavish rooms: choosing a luxury hotel will never disappoint you. They have the most beautiful rooms you might have ever seen and they are always high maintained thus you will never be let down in terms of cleanliness. You will definitely find the room very cozy and you will want to spend most of your time there.
  • Various amenities: these rooms come with all the essentials that you might require. The stuff might include things like slippers, robes, a great TV which has many channels as well, minibars, towels, eatables and lots more.
  • Great pool facilities: not every hotel tends to have a pool, so before you confirm your stay make sure you check if they have a pool if you are a water baby. Some of the hotels have rooftop pools, indoor pools and so on. You might also get a separate pool for kids and hot tubs.
  • Spa facilities: most of the lavish hotels do have this facility which consists of multiple pools, steam rooms and a selection of special treatment that you desire to have.

What are the various exceptional services offered at a 5-star hotel?

  • Welcome drinks as soon as you arrive at their hotel
  • Some hotels also offer you a bottle of wine or champagne which will be kept in your room or handed over to you in person
  • Flowers in the room
  • Sometimes they also leave you gifts in your room like the local items which might be the specialty of the like some sweet or tea.
  • There are some hotels that also serve you welcome sweets on your arrival at the hotel, these sweets might be chocolates or even macaroons.

For a visitor who will be staying in the 5-star hotel for the very first time, here are a few tips that will help you in making your stay a great experience. There are various websites from which you can easily book your room in the hotel of your choice. So you can check the complimentary items that they offer, mostly these days they offer breakfast and WI-FI as their complimentary service.

Once you have completed your reservation, one of the hotel representatives will be in touch with you and they will definitely recommend you a pick-up service which is from the hotel but you need to keep in mind that this service is never going to be free and it is going to be more expensive than taking a cab by yourself to the hotel. Also, be generous enough to the bellboy who helps you with your luggage and tips him well. Don’t be nervous, just plan on having a great stay at the hotel that you choose!

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