Coorg, officially known as Kodagu, is one of the major cities of Karnataka and the most affluent hill station of India. Famous for its picturesque beauty and coffee plantations, this city has become a hub of tourism. People fondly call it the ‘Scotland of India’. Located amidst the imposing mountains of the Western Ghats, this city is inhabited majorly by the Kodava people.

This city is mainly visited by nature lovers and thrill seekers. Because of its sprawling green hills and clear streams, not only is it a beautiful place but it opens many doors to adventure sports. Its popularity also stems from its inhabitants and their culture. The Kodavas are especially known for their martial arts and hospitability. Its large coffee and spice plantations just add to the charm.

Homestays are places to stay offered by the locals. You will literally be living with them and experiencing their culture first-hand. This enhances the experience and makes your stay that much more magical. Often referred to as the 'Scotland of India,' Coorg is a very popular destination nestled in the lap of nature in the state of Karnataka.

10 Amazing Homestays In Coorg, Karnataka

Homestays are cost effective. They are cheaper than most hotels and resorts. So, you can get a luxurious place to stay in at an affordable price. A ‘light’ breakfast will also be included in the package. It is comfortable to live in and the hosts do their best to make you feel welcome while respecting your privacy. The best part is that it gives you the feeling of home. Often, people like to travel solo.

It feels good to come to a place that feels like a home rather than an impersonal hotel room and be around people. Homestays are ideal for learning about the culture and lifestyle of a place. It is a great way to interact directly with the locals and experiencing their way of life. Given time and effort, one could also learn their language.

Best Coorg Homestays:

Best Coorg Homestays

Which is a better option in Coorg – hotel or homestay?

You can find a homestay in almost any location in the city. Different locations and homestays cater to different demands. Some are placed close to the Nagarhole National Park and Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary. Some provide breath-taking views of the forest-covered mountains, streams or the infamous coffee and spice plantations. Others are closer to hubs for adventure sports.

Resorts and Hotels are usually a great option but in the case of Coorg, where its people are as much of a source of attraction as its natural beauty, homestays are a better option.

How to save money by staying in Homestays?

Staying in homestays is, as mentioned before, cheaper. This isn’t just because of it’s the more affordable rate. Hosts often offer a range of activities which cost you lesser than going for them separately. This can also help in saving.  Homestays go a long way in saving money. The money you might have spent on a hotel can now be used for other activities. You can go on trekking or safaris, try different cuisines, buy the souvenirs that were exceeding your budget earlier. The little luxuries you might have been avoiding in the first place because of the expense will end up becoming easier to manage and afford.

What about the pricing details for Homestays?

Prices are based on per room per night basis, not per person. They also include a light breakfast. This is the minimum that is promised. Some hosts might provide additional services like laundry, more meals, guided tours, treks, safaris, toiletries, towels, etc. These provisions will also come with additional costs and will depend solely on the host.

All additional requests and add-ons should be discussed directly with the host and so should the payments. There might be some miscommunication or misunderstandings otherwise. All details and boundaries should be discussed with the hosts in detail before the bookings are made so as to ensure that there is no unpleasantness associated with the holiday.

Hosts providing homestay services should ensure that all extra charges are made available in the profile and have been clarified with the guest before the booking is finalized.

Each host requires a different amount for a reservation which depends on their preferences. The total price is paid to the host either on arrival or in advance, as per the host’s convenience. It could be split to be partially paid beforehand for a reservation and the rest upon arrival.

The arrangements should preferably be made through an official medium like a licensed tourism company or website like Homestay.Com. If so, then the host cannot renegotiate prices once it has been agreed upon since they will be subject to the Terms and Conditions they have signed up for.

A formal liaison is always safer though it might have some service charges. For example, Homestay.Com charges for 15% of the booking price and adds it to the main receipt. You are only charged for the bookings if the host accepts.

Sometimes, prices on booking pages tend to differ from those of the search results. The prices usually depend on the travel dates, number of people and other requests. The exact breakdown is given when you click on ‘Book Now’.

Pricing is usually based on a given basis :

  • Nightly Price – 1-night stay
  • Weekly Price – 7-night stay
  • Monthly Price – 30-night stay

The price is per room and not per person usually. The total is calculated such that the average nightly price is used. For example – someone takes the weekly price package for 10 days then the weekly price will be divided by the number of days it spans, i.e. 7, and multiplied by 10.

Some famous Homestays in Coorg

  • Woodland Bungalow

Located close to Nagarhole, Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary and Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, this is a beautiful and luxurious Homestay. The hosts have guided trips and safaris planned for their guests along with trekking trips, wildlife safaris, bird watching, plantation tours and picnics in nature spots.

  • The Jade

It is close to Brahmagiri hills, Nagarhole National Park, Iruppu Falls, and Brahmagiri Trekking Point. The hosts also offer activities like rafting, safaris, trekking, bird watching, and plantation visits. The homestay has a beautiful backdrop and is very well liked.

  • Bird of Paradise Homestay

Bird of Paradise has a huge bungalow, an adjacent tree house, and many recreational facilities. It has large outdoor sitting spaces with an aesthetic environment. It provides modern amenities, game courts, a massage center, a steam room, and a swimming pool. The recreational activities include trekking, safari rides, boating, and an evening bonfire.

  • Pepper Trial Homestay

Set right in the midst of coffee and tea plantations, its surrounded by the aroma of a fresh brew. It is located near Nagarhole National Park and surrounded by evergreen forests. The hosts offer a range of activities like jungle safaris, village walks, and plantation tours.

  • 27trees Homestay

It is located at the foothills of Brahmagiri in the midst of the woods. It is close to Kuruvadweep, Pookode Lake, and Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. The hosts offer activities like plantation tours, bird watching. and rafting.

  • Chilipili Estate Stay

This homestay offers great views from the rooms of the place. It is located near to Chilipili Temple. The hosts are extremely generous and go out of their way to make the visit a memorable one and provide a great cuisine.

  • Casa Coorg Homestay

The homestay is located in a coffee estate. It has great food and is not far from a golf course. It is also close to the Coord Institute of Adventure Sports. This getaway has been made for thrill-seekers who want a comfortable place to come back to after their day.

  • Coorg Coffee Camp

It has a beautiful garden, spacious rooms, clean bathrooms, and good food. It is situated near Irrupu Falls. It is close to Nagarhole and the hosts provide tours to the city and its attractions.

  • The Hornet Nest

It is located in Kushalnagar, close to the Dubare Elephant Camp. The place is furnished with spacious rooms, a large front garden, and great local food. It boasts an aesthetic view and cleanliness. The hosts are prompt and attentive to the needs of their guests.

Best Places to Visit in Madikeri : Best Vacation Spots

Madikeri is one of the best places to visit on the face of the earth. The place is the capital of the district of Coorg. The district of Coorg is covered with lush green plantation of coffee, one of the most beautiful scenes of Mother Nature. An overwhelming scenery of waterfalls, landscape and flora would surely sweep you off your feet. What a sight and feeling would it be waking up to a cup of coffee which was freshly prepared at the place and the mist of mountains breezing up your face? If you are visiting the place then the wildlife sanctuaries would be the most enticing visual treat for your whole family.

Get an eye on the wild animals present there and make it a trip worthy of your time and money. So what are the best places to visit in Madikeri? A great guide for the same is given below.

Coorg is also the Best Vacation Spot.

List of the Best Places to Visit in Madikeri:

If you want to make your time count at the place then plan your trips to the area around winter that is in the months of November and December. That is the correct time to see the mountains flaunting their beauty. The holiday of puttari, the harvest festival of the area is celebrated.

1. Raja’s seat

One of the most popular places that are present there is the Raja’s seat. Tourists swarm around the place and bask in the beauty of the place, relaxing in the grass. The place was used by the king of the area in his time of leisure. It is a magnificent place and a treat for nature lovers. If you want to look at the sunset and sunrise then the place is one of the most suited destinations. The garden is on the top of the hill giving you one of the most spectacular views of the mist coloured mountains and the green forests.

2. Omkareshwara temple

The Hindu temple which was built by the king lingarajendra the second. Although the temple is one the Hindu religion it constitutes of the architecture and art of Islamic style enhancing its beauty and giving it a more secular style. It is a place that is entertaining the worships of both gothic and Hindu religion giving it a spectacular style. The temple made for the worship and honour of Lord Shiva is not any other south Indian temple present out there.

3. Abbi falls

One of the most spectacular sights of nature, the abbi or abbey falls is one of most famous places that are present in Madikeri. The falls is present in the Western Ghats having a stooping height of 70 feet. The river gets full in the rainy season when a numerous of streams join into the river and the stream joins the river Kaveri.

4. Talacauvery and bhagamandala

These two places located in Madikeri are spoken almost in the same breath all the time. The former is situated in the brahmagiri range and looks like a piece of heaven. The spectacular sight gives you inner peace and spellbound you for a moment. The temples of talacauvery are of great attraction to the people. The great part of the kingdom and the divine peace of the temple is worthy of giving a shot at. The pilgrims swarm around the place, dipping into the river and absorb its mysterious power.

There are many more places to visit the in the district of Madikeri. Some great places to visit in Madikeri are listed above so give them a shot when you are a plan to visit south India next time.

Find Best Resorts in Coorg : Best Vacation Spots

The Scotland of India, also known as Coorg or Kodagu is located amidst the alpine mountains of Karnataka, India. Coorg is stationed in a perpetually beclouded landscape and is the apple of the eye for all the hikers and nature lovers. It not only is a coffee producing district, but also a habitat for rich and diverse people and their cultures. The green hills and beautiful streams is a sight you can’t lose. The Kodavas are the native inhabitants who specialize in martial arts, adding more to this interesting small town.

How to Find Best Resorts in Coorg:

Everyone needs a holiday away from home once in a while and if you’re looking for one picturesque, exciting yet relaxing vacation, Coorg resorts are just the place that comes in mind. It is a highly affluent place with exotic scenery and greenery. It is surrounded by forest-covered hills, coffee and spice plantations which add to the most mesmerizing landscapes. Madikeri is a central location for all transportations and for getting places and to get anywhere this is the perfect place to start.

While in Coorg, don’t forget to visit Virajpet, Kushalnagar, Gonikoppal, Pollibetta, and Somwarpet. These are some beautiful spots for sightseeing. To enhance the experience, Homestays are a good option and you can make your trip even more memorable. There is a wide range of resorts in Coorg that offer all sorts of commodities. You can choose whatever you like and which suits you best. Resorts are commercial establishments which are self-contained, so needless to say, resorts will offer anything and everything a vacationer needs. They may even provide transport services at additional costs.

More about Coorg

Moving on, here is a brief list of destinations you must visit during your trip to Coorg. Starting with Abbey Falls, which is nestled within the greenery of western ghats. The water cascades down from a height of 70 ft and the sight of it is almost majestic. The area around the fall is covered with coffee and spice plantations giving an exotic sense to the place. For anyone interested in cultural exploration, Talacauvery is a sacred place for all devotees and tourists. It is the origin of the river Cauvery from the Brahmagiri Hills.

Even though Coorg is in the south of India, the marks of Buddhist culture can still be widely and evident seen and felt, which brings us to our next place of destination, the Golden Temple or the Namdroling Monastery. It is just 6 kilometers from Kushalnagar and about 35 kilometers from Madikeri. These are the remains of the Sangha dynasty which was one of the oldest dynasties to have evolved and developed over the subcontinent.

Not only is Coorg famous for its diverse culture but also for a lot of activities and adventures that can be endured by a tourist. The White River Rafting in Barapole River is one such example. You can get this added to your pack or go experience the thrill of river rafting over a leisure day. Many Coorg resorts have facilities revolving around such activities.

Book now

So if you can’t help but want an escape to the beautiful location of Coorg and the cozy yet adventurous vibes of Coorg resorts, we suggest that you start planning your trip to the place as soon as possible. The more you visit the more the fun. Besides, getting good and cheap deals on packages for destination locations around the holiday season is fairly common. Nonetheless, Coorg is definitely a place that a person should visit at least once in his or her life as it really is worth the visit.

Best Coorg Tourism/Tour Packages in 2019

Coorg is a place which is located in the state of Karnataka, India. The place advocates beautiful scenes of mother nature combined with historical monuments. The city is situated upon the eastern slopes of the Western Ghats. The temperature of the city remains low throughout the year. It is because of the magnificent view of nature combined with the historical and religious monuments which make the city one of the favorite tourist destination of the country.

Being an adored tourist spot, tourism centers provide several packages to the customers which can be availed to visit the destination. This article will describe you about the attributes to look for in a Coorg tourism/tour packages.

Features To Look For In A Coorg Tour Package:

1. Duration of the tour

One of the most important things to consider in a tourism package is the duration of the tour. The number of days and night should justify the staying in the place. The package should be designed in such a way that the days which are involved covers all the ‘places to visit’ destinations in it. These packages should not make the people tired. The time of staying should neither be too short nor too long. It should justify the place and provide the customer with a sense of satisfaction.

2. Cost saving

Tour packages are a combination of many services in one. A tourism package involves the traveling cost, the cost of staying and the cost of local sightseeing within itself. These packages are beneficial because if a person sums up the individual costs of every tool which is required in traveling then it will be higher than the cost of the package. Tourism packages offer discounted prices and hence proves to be beneficial for the traveler.

3. Sigh seeing locations

Another essential feature which the package should involve is the places of local sightseeing. As in the Coorg, the tourism packages should involve the abbey waterfalls, the Irupr falls, the brahmagiri gills, the Madikeri Fort and a church. There are also many famous temples which should be involved in the Coorg tourism/tour packages.

4. Type of packages

There are different packages designed for the different occasion of the visit. Tourism firms provide honeymoon packages for the newlywed couples. There are tour packages which are designed for families and have the tour designed in a proper generous manner. Hence, a person should look for the type of package before choosing one.

5. Socializing

Tour packages are designed in a manner to take three to four family together on a trip. This is one of the reasons why people should opt for tour packages. The tour packages often combine different families from different cultures and part of the country to come together and visit a particular place. They all have different stories to share hence making the tour more interesting. Tour packages are bought by people to get in contact with new people and socialize with them.


If a travel agency has provided better services to their customer then they will get good words from them. A satisfied customer is the best form of advertisement. A person plans a tour in order to feel adventurous and relaxed. So if you are planning to visit a place then you should choose a travel package which has good reviews from the customer. Traveling is an activity where you visit a place which is totally unknown to you. So it is preferable to choose a package which has been tried by people who have visited the place.

Tour packages are one of the best options to choose when you are going for a journey. These packages include everything from traveling to staying, eating and local sightseeing. The features which a Coorg tourism/tour packages should possess are explained below.

Here Are Some Of The Best Places To Visit In Coorg

Whether you are on a lookout for the best honeymoon destination, adventure sporting or a place to just seek tranquillity, Coorg is one of the most beautiful places in Karnataka, South India where you can not only rejuvenate your soul but can also get the perfect break from your hectic life and regularly frustrating schedule. The best places to visit in Coorg are situated within the huge and hospitable jade mountains where you can see incredible valleys, stunning landscapes and widely spread plantations of coffee as well as misty green forests.

The favorable location, weather, and surroundings are some of the things that actually matter to most of us while traveling, thus, this place always tops the priority list of travelers and nature lovers.

List of Best Places to Visit in Coorg:

So, in case you have planned your trip to Coorg, but are yet not clear about where to begin the trip, then here we are bringing brief details of all those perfect places that will seek your attention within this amazing place. Here is our take on the Best Places to visit in Coorg!

1. Raja’s Seat


This pretty garden which gives you a pleasant atmosphere, as well as unimaginable scenic beauty, was once known as a great hangout destination of all the kings and queens, who used to spend their quality time around. Now, you can find some amazing artificial fountains, arrays of flowers, and a concrete arc which overlooks the beautiful huge hills. So, if you are willing to start with sightseeing, this is the best place to begin your adventure.

2. Dubare Elephant Camp

If you are an animal lover, especially elephants, then you are definitely going to fall in love with this place. Most of us eventually believe that even humans can’t understand us as greatly as animals do! So, to make the most of your trip, keep this place on the top as the creatures here are going to shower you with absolute love and some water for sure. You can have a shower with them, have fun and games, feed them and finally take a ride. There is no other way you can make much better friends while you are seeking the best Places to visit in Coorg.

3. Nagarhole National Park

Another place where you can find beautiful animal spree is this national park. It is largely spread in an area of 572 km, it is surely a treat to your eyes, as well as your camera. The specialty of this park is that there you can easily spot all the major animals that define the variety, unity, beauty and natural creation of god gifted to south India. In a roundabout, you can have fun around the 270 species of birds that take up the whole limelight. Their melodious sound is always present in the air, welcoming you with a whole heart.

4. Omkareshwar Temple

India is known for its religious diversity and love, so how can you even forget to visit a temple while you are searching for Places to visit in Coorg? Well, this is one of the most renowned places for pilgrims, which was built in the year 1820. It is known for the unique structure and infrastructure, as you get to witness an amazing collaboration of both gothic and Islamic style designs here. Lord Shiva’s effigy is praised all in here. So, if you wish to get blessed by positivity while experiencing amazing tranquillity around the serene water ponds, then this is the right place to be it.

So, if you have totally planned off your trip but forgot to put up any of these places in your travel list, then you must definitely include all these Places to visit in Coorg.

Best And Affordable 3 Star Hotels In Coorg

Getting tired of you work and Feel like having a good escape trip to some favorite holiday destination. Then, Coorg might be the best choice to recreate your lives. It has an amazing nature’s gift that makes us feel refreshed with great energy and enthusiasm. Coorg has breathtaking waterfalls, spectacular landscapes, lush green hills and misty mountains everywhere.  It is the best destination for getaways. In order to make you prepare for the travel, we provide you with the list of do’s and don’ts so that you can get a clear idea and plan accordingly. Here are the tips to book Coorg 3-star hotel for a better experience.

Best Time Duration to Visit Coorg:

There are many people driving from Bangalore to Coorg just for one day. But Coorg has plenty of places to explore. You cannot rush and see them all at once. Therefore you can stay here for a weekend preferably two to three days for an amazing experience. Hence an ideal stay at Coorg can be of three days. You can find many staying places ate Coorg. So it is very easy to book for a vacation at Coorg 3-star hotels.

How to find the best 3-star hotels in Coorg?

Coorg as the perfect destination for family trips, honeymoon destinations and usual place for getaways has plenty of good hotels. Hotels of 3-stars, 5-stars, backwater pool villas, best resorts, and other restaurants are available here. You can choose the best 3-star hotels in Coorg with the help of the following guide.

  • Location: Choose the Coorg 3-star hotels that are nearer to any of the popular destination or travel spot. By this, you can save time to reach that particular place and explore the place to its fullest. Also, it would have other popular destinations in the surroundings which will be easier to explore.
  • Reviews: You can find reviews of many Coorg 3-star hotels on the trip websites. They provide details about amenities provided and the service. You can get to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of staying in that particular place.
  • Research online: There are plenty of travel guiding and trip planning websites available online. All you need to do is log in to them, and search for the best Coorg 3-star hotels. There are available in categories like price range, number of rooms, availability, and reviews from customers.
  • Price: Many 3-star hotels in Coorg are available for varying price ranges. They can accommodate you as a single person, or your family for a family trip, or you and your loved ones in the honeymoon suite, or you and your friends for a jolly vacation. The prices differ according to the type of room you choose.

Also Read: Best Home Stays in Coorg

Coorg 3-star hotels can be found nearer to some of the following popular destinations. This makes your trip a hassle-free experience and a satisfying exploration. Places like Abbey falls and Nagarhole national park should be explored for a day as it has a lot to see. The waterfall is spectacular and looks magnificent. Many trekking places are found in Coorg if you are a trekking lover. It has Brahmagiri peak which is most sought after place for trekking.

You can go for a sunset jeep drive along the woods of Mandalpatti. Adventurous rides like quad biking, mountain climbing, and river rafting are also found in Coorg. You have to book your hotel rooms at least a month before your trip so that there is no hassle. Coorg 3-star hotels can be booked online easily. Take a break from normal routine and visit the spectacular Coorg with your loved ones.

Find Cheap And Best Accommodation In Coorg

Coorg, better known as Scotland of India is the most popular tourist spot, down South. It is surrounded by dense forests offering a picturesque view. It is indeed a perfect holiday destination that offers peace, serenity and a view to die for. Due to its popularity among the tourists, there are quite a lot of luxurious as well as budgeted hotels and Resorts in Coorg that it becomes difficult to make the right choice.

Even if you are looking for Coorg hotels, cheap & best, the most important thing is to choose a decent and a well-maintained hotel. There are a lot of things to consider before you book cheap accommodation, because if the place of accommodation is not comfortable then you will never enjoy your trip. There are a lot of things that can change the price of the hotel, but there are also a lot of ways through which you can spend less on accommodation and also get a decent place to stay in.

Tips to Get Cheap Accommodation:

1. Investigate

The first and the most important thing to do is to do proper research on the place that you are visiting and the best time of the year to visit the place. This is important because if you are traveling off-season then you will get great hotel deals. Once you have decided on the time that you will be traveling, and then it is time to make a comparison. Check out the best websites to get an idea about the pricing. There are also some accommodation sites that provide a comparison of the prices being offered, this way you can find the cheapest rates across a number of hotels in Coorg.

2. Flexibility

When you are looking for a hotel you need to be flexible with the dates to avail great discounts. Look at all the days of the week or month, to see the changes in rates; this might not be suitable if you have already booked the flight. It is usually better to book the hotels and flight together so that they can be organized together. Once you have an idea about the pricing, and then it is time to start talking to these hotels directly, this way you will get an accurate price. When you will feel comfortable with the price, and then lock the hotel.

Book ahead with free cancellation- Another way of getting a hotel at a cheap price is by making a reservation with free cancellation in advance. Most of the sites offer free cancellation; this is a great way of holding a hotel at a good rate. Avoid holding too many hotels as hotel owners don’t enjoy it.

3. Sign-up

In case you do not have time to keep a check on the price drop, then sign-up for alerts. There are a lot of websites that provide alerts on mail and email you when the price starts to drop.

4. Use coupons

Well, this might not be the first thing that you would like to do, but there are various sites that offer coupons to travelers. These coupons offer discounts on hotels as well as on flights at various destinations.

5. Be smart

There are a lot of apps and websites that are there to book accommodations, so be smart enough to go through them for which you need time. Do not make a hasty decision, some research and some follow up will help you save a lot on your hotel bookings.

These are certain tips that can help you book Coorg hotels: cheap & best and can make your trip a memorable one at the same. Good accommodation is a key to a good and memorable vacation.

Coorg From Bangalore Travel Guide For A Relaxed Trip

The hassles of everyday life can be quite monotonous, isn’t it? It is very natural for a person to get tired because of the constant routine which makes everything seem so redundant. It is for this reason that most of the people prefer to take a break from the routine and try out something that is totally opposite to their regular lifestyle. Surely, you have a Sunday to brush off the tiresome routine of the other days of the week but at times, even Sundays tend to get boring. Especially if you are in Bangalore, you would have realized by now that the city never sleeps!

This is to say that the constant chaos and crowd of the city might be overwhelming in the beginning but at times, gets on the nerves of the person. In such a situation, a getaway or small trip becomes extremely essential so as to refresh the mind and body. Well, if you are planning a getaway this Christmas or New Year from Bangalore, then Coorg should be at the top of your bucket list. The following article shall enlighten you about the Coorg from Bangalore travel guide which shall help you to plan the trip.

Bask in the Beauty of Nature:

Nature has a lot to offer to the human beings form its vast reserves. Even if you spend the rest of your life in exploring the beauty of nature, you would still be on the surface and Coorg is a perfect example of the statement. This town which lies in the lap of Western Ghats has some of the most soothing and calming experiences to offer. The place is serene as the fresh and cool air from the trees shall constantly brush against your face.

The place is highly awarded by most of the travelers to be a perfect place for the people who are looking for a quiet and luxurious getaway. The place has a plethora of beautiful sites to offer the people who visit the town. From the beautiful and poetical sceneries of nature to the captivating aroma of freshly brewed coffee, everything about the place is lush and breathtaking. The place has been tagged as the Scotland of India and we cannot find a single reason to prove it wrong.

An easy and convenient Getaway:

A Trip to Coorg is extremely convenient especially if you are in Bangalore for a visit or reside in the city. The town is connected to the city by means of organized transport. You can choose to travel by own vehicle or can take a bus to Coorg or a train too. There is good connectivity of public from Bangalore to Coorg and this contributes to the popularity of the place among the locals.

However, an important point to be kept in mind is that the time taken to reach the town differs with different means of transport. While traveling by car can stretch for as long as five to six hours, a journey by train can be really quick! You can plan your trip between September to march as it is the prime time for the visitors and tourists. Moreover, you must not worry about your stay in the town for there are several luxury resorts and hotels which offer you ultimate convenience and comfort.

The place has a wide variety of adventure sport too. You can enjoy a trek on the high mountains or go for river rafting or a ride on the quad bike too. Thus, with the help of this Coorg from Bangalore travel guide, you shall be able to make the best of your trip to Coorg.

Best 5-Star Hotel Benefits in Coorg : Services Offered

Are you planning to go on a vacation to Coorg sometime soon with your loved ones? Also, you might want to stay in a lavish hotel since sometimes pampering your family and yourself is important as well. Staying at a 5-star hotel can be a great experience. Here are a few benefits that you can enjoy from Coorg 5 star hotels, but these perks are not available in each and every hotel in Coorg, you will need to do your research well to find the perfect hotel that you are looking out for.

Best features Available in 5 Star Hotels:

  • Great security: when you choose to live in a lavish hotel you can be guaranteed very good security. They often make sure that there are cameras and special card access to all the rooms and even while you make use of the elevator to go to your respective room. Not always will you see security guards taking a stroll but yes they are always somewhere near you to ensure your safety.
  • Perfect lavish rooms: choosing a luxury hotel will never disappoint you. They have the most beautiful rooms you might have ever seen and they are always high maintained thus you will never be let down in terms of cleanliness. You will definitely find the room very cozy and you will want to spend most of your time there.
  • Various amenities: these rooms come with all the essentials that you might require. The stuff might include things like slippers, robes, a great TV which has many channels as well, minibars, towels, eatables and lots more.
  • Great pool facilities: not every hotel tends to have a pool, so before you confirm your stay make sure you check if they have a pool if you are a water baby. Some of the hotels have rooftop pools, indoor pools and so on. You might also get a separate pool for kids and hot tubs.
  • Spa facilities: most of the lavish hotels do have this facility which consists of multiple pools, steam rooms and a selection of special treatment that you desire to have.

What are the various exceptional services offered at a 5-star hotel?

  • Welcome drinks as soon as you arrive at their hotel
  • Some hotels also offer you a bottle of wine or champagne which will be kept in your room or handed over to you in person
  • Flowers in the room
  • Sometimes they also leave you gifts in your room like the local items which might be the specialty of the like some sweet or tea.
  • There are some hotels that also serve you welcome sweets on your arrival at the hotel, these sweets might be chocolates or even macaroons.

For a visitor who will be staying in the 5-star hotel for the very first time, here are a few tips that will help you in making your stay a great experience. There are various websites from which you can easily book your room in the hotel of your choice. So you can check the complimentary items that they offer, mostly these days they offer breakfast and WI-FI as their complimentary service.

Once you have completed your reservation, one of the hotel representatives will be in touch with you and they will definitely recommend you a pick-up service which is from the hotel but you need to keep in mind that this service is never going to be free and it is going to be more expensive than taking a cab by yourself to the hotel. Also, be generous enough to the bellboy who helps you with your luggage and tips him well. Don’t be nervous, just plan on having a great stay at the hotel that you choose!

Coorg Weather & Temperature : Best Time to Visit Coorg

One of the prime locations in India that have evolved during recent years is Coorg. It is a well-known hill station located in the state of Karnataka. Located in the Western Ghats and a high altitude of 1580 meters makes Coorg weather and temperature very soothing and pleasant. The climate usually stays moderate without much deviation and is a major reason to attract tourists all over the world at any time of the year. The weather remains calm and you can find yourself enjoying the scenic beauty of the hill station.

Coorg is locally known as Kodagu which is a rural district in southwest Karnataka. It has a misty landscape which you can find at the break of the dawn till the sun is overhead. The mist clears at that time but you will be able to detect a calm breeze touching your palms and face gently which assists you enjoying the hills and landscape around. Coorg weather and temperature does not face much deviation from its mean all around the year but like any other tourist destination, Coorg also has a specific tourist season.

The southwest district has lush green and exotic scenery which entices every nature lover. The hills are majestically covered with forests where spices and coffee are cultivated. As we already mentioned, the weather changes at minimal but there are specific times when you can actualize the experience of visiting a hill station, especially when it is Coorg.

Coorg weather all Around the Year:

In this section, we will discuss Coorg weather and temperature in different months of the year. Starting from the summer season, summer begins from March and extends likely up to May. The maximum temperature during the period is 29 0C which reduces with every passing month. On the other hand, the minimum temperature can drop down to 180C. So, it becomes very pleasant to stay. Moreover, the weather almost remains cloudy which reduces the problem of sunstroke, sunburn, or any other issue. You can visit the nearby villages and farms to see sprouts of spices and coffee which will be harvested later on. However, there is a high chance of pouring rain that might ruin your day’s plan. So, it is advisable to carry an umbrella or a raincoat for protection against the rain.

Winters are very wary in this part of the world. It starts in December and ends in February. Sometimes, the winter also extends to mid of March. At this point of the year, Coorg becomes very chilly as the temperature can drop down to 30C. The maximum temperature rises up to 120C which makes the place habitable. But, it is advisable to carry heavy woolen clothes to keep you warm.

Coorg weather and temperature faces a heavy monsoon during the period of June to September. At the beginning of the monsoon, you may experience medium rainfall. However, the weather gets tougher during the period of mid-August and early September. The temperature falls to 120C but the land becomes very wet and marshy. So, it is wise to avoid monsoon if you are not a water-loving person.

Coorg although experiences heavy traffic all around the year but the best time to go to this place from October to May. This is the ideal period for sightseeing without any rain. The temperature also remains in control. So, if you are planning to go to Coorg for spending some relaxing time with the mother nature, then you should pack your bags with woolen clothes to make you comfortable and enjoy the scenic beauty of the place without any hurdle or obstacle.